Saturday, October 9, 2010

World Nordic Walking Day Celebrated by the American Nordic Walking System and WWW.SKIWALKING.COM

On Sunday, Oct. 10th, I’ll be providing free Nordic Walking Classes – group and private lessons here in Glen Arbor, Michigan at our Nordic Walking Headquarters. I’ll also be offering free guided Nordic Walking trips into the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Potential trips will go to Pyramid Point, Glen Haven, Alligator Hill and/or Devil’s Bowl. Flatter trails and less demanding trial options will also be offered. Durable and user-friendly one-piece Nordic Walking Poles will be provided at no charge during the lessons and the trips into the National Lakeshore - all individuals will receive the perfect length one-piece Nordic Walking Poles for their heights.

Over 8 million Europeans are walking with Nordic Walking Poles – in the cities (with rubber tips/asphalt paws on), out in the country and up in the mountains (rubber tips/paws off and exposing the durable carbide metal tips).

The INWA (International Nordic Walking Association) was formed 10 years ago and Nordic Walking enthusiasts from around the world will be celebrating “Nordic Walking Day”.  EXEL Nordic Walking Poles out of Finland founded and funded the INWA for years. Unfortunately for many years the INWA refused to accept my membership with their organization because I was dealing with SWIX Nordic Walking Poles from Norway. EXEL did coin the term “Nordic Walking” and developed teaching methods and techniques that stood apart from other forms of hiking, trekking and fitness walking with poles. SWIX and EXEL poles are very similar, known for extreme quality and both are most respected in the Nordic ski racing community.

Here in North America (The American Nordic Walking System) has been the leading supplier of SWIX and EXEL poles for years and is currently the exclusive source for all 16 lengths and is also the exclusive source for SWIX and EXEL rubber Nordic Walking tips/asphalt paws.

SWIX and EXEL have proven their quality in the Olympics and out on the World Cup. Both SWIX and EXEL are dedicated to the simple fact that one-piece Nordic Walking Poles are safer, lighter and much more durable than cheap/flimsy 2-piece and 3-piece twist-lock and flip-lock poles from China and Taiwan. Collapsible poles tend to rattle, vibrate, gradually collapse or collapse unexpectedly or simply fail/break.

All of us here at and the American Nordic Walking System are dedicated to this same simple fact about one-piece poles being superior to cheap/flimsy collapsibles. I’m a ski coach and it is a fact that collapsible poles are NEVER used for Nordic Skiing (cross country skiing), Roller Skiing or Nordic Blading (inline skating). Collapsible poles can’t take the stress. Skiers wouldn't use cheap/flimsy collapsible poles for the Ski Walking and Hill Bounding drills during the summer when deprived of snow - they only use and only recommend one-piece poles that are sized correctly.

Have FUN on World Nordic Walking Day!


margo devine said...

Walk your kids to school. The walk to school is good for mom and dad too! A workout doesn’t have to mean running laps or lifting weights, or setting aside huge blocks of time. When you regard exercise as leading an active lifestyle, which you can do with your kids, you’ll be able to fit in more exercise than you think possible.

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This sounds great! I notice that the post is pretty old though. Are you still offering these? I love the nordic!