Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nordic Walking Class Returns to Northwestern Michigan College LIFE Academy

On Wednesday, May 13, 2009, NMC’s (Northwestern Michigan College) Spring Campus Day will offer another Nordic Walking Class during this exciting annual event. Spring Campus Day is a mind-stretching daylong learning adventure. Participants will select three sessions from the 33 enticing options; each designed to explore fresh ideas. Presenters for the day include community experts as well as NMC Extended Education instructors.

The Nordic Walking Class is scheduled during the 2nd session from: 11:15 a.m.–12:30 p.m. The Nordic Walking Class will include an introduction to the history of Nordic Walking, a review of the many benefits of Nordic Walking, an opportunity to test drive real Nordic Walking Poles and instruction based on the American Nordic Walking System.

Presenter Pete Edwards has introduced thousands of Americans to Nordic Walking. After hosting hundreds of Nordic Walking Clinics he developed the American Nordic Walking System - providing safe and effective instruction. The American Nordic Walking System was specifically designed to provide a variety of intensity and exertion levels. There is an ideal level of intensity and exertion for any ages and any fitness level.

Nordic Walking participants will have the opportunity to test drive real Nordic Walking Poles – sized specifically to each individual’s height. Edwards’ offers 14 different lengths of poles – more than any other company in North America. Edwards is committed to the simple fact that quality one-piece poles are safer, lighter and much more durable than cheap twist-locking adjustable length/telescoping/collapsible poles.

Edwards has been coaching runners and skiers for over 25 years and knows for a fact that skiers do not use twist-locking poles and neither should Nordic Walkers. Seniors and individuals with balance issues should especially avoid cheap twist-locking poles that can collapse unexpectedly, vibrate excessively, rattle and fail all together.

For more information and to register please contact the NMC Life Academy: 231-995-1700

For additional information on Nordic Walking and the American Nordic Walking System check out WWW.SKIWALKING.COM or call 231-334-3080 (toll free: 877-SKIWALKING or 877-754-9255

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