Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nordic Walking During Deer Season

Deer season puts all of our favorite trails off-limits for Nordic Walking. My wife refuses to Nordic Walk on our favorite trails during deer season – even when wearing orange. If we get snow we will cross country ski on the local golf course, but if there’s no snow we find ourselves pounding the pavement in town or doing laps around the local track.

To get the most out of our laps on the track we’ll Nordic Walk the turns and Nordic Run the straight-aways after Nordic Walking a few laps as a warm-up. As long as your poles have rubber Nordic Walking tips there isn’t any risk of damage that can be done to the track.

If Nordic Running isn’t for you, you can try doing faster Nordic Walking on the straight-aways. By varying your speed you can help to turbo charge your walking campaign, burn more calories and improve your over-all fitness level.

Nordic Running with poles equipped with real Nordic Walking straps are most effective. These fingerless type straps help to eliminate the need to grip/squeeze the poles – allowing the fingers to remain relaxed. When teaching skiing, Nordic Walking and Nordic Running I always remind participants to NOT squeeze the poles.

One-piece poles that are sized correctly are ideal for cross country skiing, Nordic Walking and Nordic Running. One-piece poles are safer, lighter and much more durable than twist-locking adjustable length/telescoping/collapsible poles. Both downhill and cross country skiers use one-piece poles for added safety and durability – telescopic type adjustable length poles couldn’t cut it.

My Nordic Walking poles came in super handy on Saturday (opening day of deer season) during the AAU Michigan Cross Country Running Championships. During the five races that I had athletes competing in I was able to Nordic Walk and Nordic Run around the golf course cheering on my runners. The 4-wheel-drive action of Nordic Walking made getting around the course extremely effective despite the high winds, rain and snow.

Nordic Walking and Nordic Running with poles is the best!

* always consult your physician before launching any new fitness program and increasing intensity

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