Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nordic Walking During Fall Color Season

High School Cross Country Runners Doing A Little Cross Training

The weather is cooler and the fall colors are at their peak. Anytime is a great time for Nordic Walking, but fall is a fantastic time year to do some Nordic Walking – in the city, in the country and up in the mountains.

Even though I was the only one at the Elk Rapids Cross Country Invitational with Nordic Walking Poles, I know ski season is just around the corner. Nordic Walking isn’t just for skiers deprived of snow. Nordic Walking is ideal for ALL ages and ALL fitness levels. Nordic Walking Poles are certainly helping skiers get ready for ski season, but the vast majority of Americans that have discovered Nordic Walking are finding that the poles help to turbo charge their walking campaigns.

Does walking with poles look a little silly? Yes, but in Europe over 6 million individuals are walking with poles. And those of us here in the USA know for a fact that the poles make walking more effective, reduce stress to the weight bearing joints and help to burn more calories than regular walking because the arms are so much more actively engaged than regular walking.

For those of us that had to give up running, Nordic Walking is saving the day. The poles totally eliminate knee pain for many suffering from runners knee and those with other knee, hip and back issues are finding equal success. Individuals with weight issues are finding that Nordic Walking Poles help to encourage them to walk faster and farther, while burning more calories than regular walking. Individuals with balance issues are finding an improved balance and stability – including those with MS, Parkinson’s, Neuropathy and Post Polio.

In order to maximize Nordic Walking success it is important to use the correct length poles. Ideally your elbow should be at about 90 degrees and your forearm parallel to the ground when strapped into your Nordic Walking Straps and standing tall.

Real Nordic Walking Poles are equipped with Nordic Walking Straps – kind of like fingerless gloves. Real Nordic Walking Poles also include both metal tips for trail use, snow and ice, plus removable rubber tips for use on pavement and other hard surfaces. The rubber Nordic Walking tips act as both a shock absorber and a silencer so that you do not have to listen to the "clank" of the metal tip on pavement.

It is also important to note that one-piece Nordic Walking Poles are safer, lighter and much more durable than cheap twist-locking adjustable length/telescoping/collapsible poles. Everyday I receive emails and phone calls from individuals that are having problems with their poles equipped with twist-locks. I also receive the same feedback during my Nordic Walking Clinics from folks that accidentally purchase poles with twist-locks and find they won’t hold position or lock into place at all. Others tell of checking the "floor sample" at their local sporting good store and not being able to get the twist-locking system to work at all.

For more information about Nordic Walking technique check out:

For information about durable one-piece poles that come with a Perfect Length Guarantee, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a Life Time Breakage Guarantee check out: WWW.SKIWALKING.COM

Don’t let the beautiful fall colors or Nordic Walking pass you by!

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