Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nordic Ski Walking A Natural Fit At Scandinavian Folk Festival

Folkdansgillet Nerkia
Swedish Folk Dance Team from Örebro, Sweden

Jamestown, New York’s 7th Annual Scandinavian Folk Festival provided a rewarding journey back in time complete with Scandinavian history, legend, music, folk art, folk dance and much more.

While I was hosting Nordic Walking lectures and classes during the festival it was rewarding to hear first hand from individuals living in Sweden, Norway and Finland about their LOVE for Nordic Ski Walking. Many Americans that had recently been to Scandinavia told of the dominance of Nordic Walking Poles in the countries they visited.

Cross Country Skiing has always been the favorite fitness activity in Scandinavian countries and when they can't find snow they are Nordic Ski Walking with special poles. Nordic Ski Walking originated in Scandinavia. Ski coaches in Finland saw backpackers with sore knees and backs find total relief when given trekking poles. These coaches also saw the benefits their athletes gain from Ski Walking and Hill Bounding with poles. They also added special fingerless glove type straps and removable rubber tips to their poles for use on pavement - and the fastest growing fitness activity is now Nordic Ski Walking.

When I offered Nordic Walking poles to the Swedish Folk Dance Team (specializing in both traditional and modern folkdance) they quickly recognized a good thing when they saw it. Dozens of the dance team members grabbed their cameras to take pictures of the team members in traditional costume and participating in one of their favorite activities back in Sweden – Nordic Ski Walking! They also recognized the quality of my poles – made in Norway and Finland.

My SWIX VIP Nordic Walking Poles and Exel Urban Skier Poles proved to be a hit. Many of the Scandinavians pointed out the quality of poles and the fact that they were one-piece construction – safer, lighter and more durable than twist-locking adjustable/telescoping/collapsible poles. The patented comfortable straps proved to be a hit too.

While working with many festival participants with new knees, new hips and a variety of balance issues it was hugely clear again that the correct length one-piece poles are much more dependable than cheap twist-locking poles.

Walking with poles is the best and the six million plus Europeans that are Nordic Walking can’t be wrong!

Have FUN walking with poles,

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